Back in High School, I lived a pretty care-free life. I had my friends, a wonderful family and I wasn’t a person that was worried about much. Like most
teenagers, I wanted to date other people and sometimes I wanted a serious relationship and sometimes I didn’t. One day, I met a wonderful woman named Estefania
and I would have never thought that she would change my life. I met her through other friends and we would text and message each other often. She had a
boyfriend but slowly and surely, we started developing feelings for each other. We made a mistake, she cheated on her boyfriend with me and it felt like
the whole world was against us. We kept in touch and nonetheless we began a secret relationship for two main reasons, I cared about what others thought
and I truly didn’t think that it was going to last so why bother? She was the most loving, affectionate and passionate person. With her, I felt like everything
was perfect yet I never felt too strong to think it was going to last. I was graduating soon and she was staying in High School for some time so I didn’t
care and I thought that I didn’t need her love. She started changing and her love started to change. I played with her feelings and took them for granted,
thinking she would always be there just like before. It was only when I realized that I was losing her that I truly fell for her but I knew that it was
too late and her love was dwindling. Through the months, we started fighting and destroying our love. Fights and distrust grew between us but I still loved
her and I was fighting so hard for her old love which seemed so distant and dead at this point. It has been a year and a half since we broke up for good,
she moved on and is dating another person, and I am here regretting what I did and regretting how much I took her and her love for granted. Recently, I
had the chance to see her one last time before she went to college and I must say that it was the closure that I needed and to just see her one last time.
My message for all of you is simple. You don’t know, you don’t know who you will fall in love with and you don’t know how much that person will mean to
you. Never take anybody’s love for granted and don’t let doubt, fear, or distrust destroy true love. God knows I love her and how much I suffer as I see
her being happy with another man. If you know you have found love, cherish it, protect it, and feed it because true love is so rare to find and leaves
you empty and depressed when it is gone. Love your significant other as I love Estefania.

by: David